Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD, is a shortened term for Cannabidiol, it is one of the main active ingredient found in the hemp plant. This plant is a family relative to the well known marijuana plant. The benefit of CBD is that there is no primary psychoactive element within the product. This is because there is no trace of THC within the product, therefore guaranteeing there will be no “high” effect on consumers.

In 2018 clinical research on CBD began that included preliminary studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, pain, anti inflammatory, immune system and neurological disorders.

Many Scientists, Doctors and Chemists believe that CBD may aim to resolve a lot of these above.

Why do you offer various percentage strengths in your products? 

At Unlike CBD we want to cater for all consumers, we have invested a lot of time developing and financing market ready products for any type of consumer. Therefore we wanted to create not only amazing products but we wanted to give our consumes a choice of strength CBD they would like in their products.

Increasing the CBD content in the products will create greater benefits to the consumer, however due to the fact CBD is highly expensive to source and manufacture the costs for high percentage CBD products increases. Therefore we have created various ranges that suit all consumer budgets.

How come you have such a larger and unique range than any other company I have used? 

We proudly manufacture in house at our state of the art production facility, this gives us the advantage to produce any product we like for our consumers. Not only that, we have an amazing team with our very own research and development working alongside our in house chemists.

With this capability we can innovate and create unique exciting products for all of our consumers. We love working closely with our consumers listening to any of their product suggestions and requests and, if viable, we will develop new products aligned to this greatly appreciated feedback. 

Can you guarantee the quality of your produce?

With production being closely monitored in house we take product quality and quality control very seriously at Unlike CBD. Not only do we keep our THC lower than 0.0% but also the quality and percentage of CBD per product is as described on the product.

We also offer our consumers the opportunity to look at the product reports of each product we produce. This can be found at the bottom of any product page underneath more information.

How come the costs are higher compared to normal products?

Here at Unlike CBD we believe in quality and that is throughout the business, from quality supplies, premium natural ingredients, our state of the art production facility, quality recyclable packaging and much much more. Not only that, our primary method of extracting  CBD is a long and expensive procedure therefore the cost of making our premium quality products does increase.

However, with that said we offer unique products at a highly competitive pricing within the industry.

What makes CBD such a must in all of your products?

We have worked very closely with CBD for many years now, focussing our business solely around the active CBD ingredient. We have vast amount of other premium natural ingredients within our products however CBD is the most beneficial.

The reason being is that we as humans have our very own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) this system within our bodies is a combination of receptors that support many functions for the human body such as; appetite, pain, stress, mood, memory and many more.

Will your products actually work?

Of course, all our ingredients are premium quality and essential for the body and skin.

Is CBD legal? 

Yes CBD is legal in the UK as long as it contains no more than 0.2% THC which our products all guarantee. Please check your specific countries regulations on CBD before buying.

Could you ever take too much CBD?

No, however we do have a recommended usage on every product we produce which we advise you to follow.

Will I get high from using any of your products?

Absolutely not, CBD is non-psychoactive and also non-addictive. Therefore all our products are safe and secure to use.